Water Conservation Rebate

Water Rebate Header

City of Forest Lake is offering rebates for utility customers to promote water conservation. The current program includes replacing:

  • Old washing machine with a US DOE Energy Star labeled clothes washing machine
  • Old toilets with a US EPA WaterSense labeled toilet
  • Old residential dishwashers with US DOE Energy Star label
  • Old irrigation controllers replacement with a US EPA WaterSense labeled controller, either weather-based or soil moisture-based
  • Old irrigation sprinkler body replacement with a US EPA WaterSense labeled spray sprinkler body

Eligible Rebate amounts are as follows:

  • Washing Machine - $250
  • Toilets - $100
  • Residential Dishwasher - $200
  • Irrigation Controllers - $200
  • Irrigation Sprinkler Body Replacements - $100

Rebates are only eligible for the replacement of existing appliances.  Expenses eligible for reimbursement are the out-of-pocket cost of the device and its installation only, not to include any owner labor costs. In addition, new construction and new developments are ineligible, as this program is intended as a current infrastructure replacement program

To qualify for rebates, applicants must be installing the appliances at a property in Forest Lake that is either residential or commercial and property must be served by the City’s water system. Irrigation items installed in new construction or a vacation home are not eligible. 

Rebates are only available to Forest Lake utility customers with non-delinquent utility billing accounts. The product or project must be installed at the address listed on the account. The applicant is responsible for securing any permits necessary for the work, if required. Receipts or invoices must be provided with the application. The receipt and any other information provided with the application must clearly identify the model, date of purchase and the Energy Star or WaterSense program qualification information. Rebate funds are limited. Applications are processed in order of receipt.

Irrigation Controller Rebate

Irrigation Spray Sprinkler Body Rebate

Dishwasher Rebate Request

Toilet Rebate Request

Clothes Washer Rebate Request

  • Rebates are up to $250
  • Clothes Washer Rebate Request Form Clothes Washer Rebate Form
  • Qualified models are typically front loading models, although there are top-loading models that have been redesigned to cut down on water usage to qualify. Most do not have a central agitator.
  • (1) Clothes washer rebate eligible per qualifying property.
  • Additional information can be obtained from the City or the following website: https://www.energystar.gov/products/appliances/clothes_washers