Veterans Memorial

Twice a year (Memorial Day & Veterans Day) we dedicate new granite pavers to honor veterans and place them along the sidewalk at Lakeside Memorial Park.
You can purchase and have a paver engraved to honor the veterans of your choice by filling out an order form.

Order by March 31st for pavers installed by Memorial Day. Order by September 15th for pavers installed by Veterans Day.


Small engraved granite paver (4" by 8”): $150.
A large engraved granite paver (8” by 16”): $300. (The entire cost is tax deductible.)
Make check payable to: City of Forest Lake, Veterans Memorial Fund

Mail the order form and check to:

Forest Lake City Center
Veterans Memorial Fund
1408 Lake Street South
Forest Lake, MN 55025
(651) 464-3550 
Line 1: Name of Veteran
Line 2: Branch of Service (Army, Marine, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard), Rank if desired, job specialty, unit
Line 3: Dates of service or war era 
You can list more than one veteran as long as the names stay within the allotted maximum spaces. Example: WALTER F & LEROY W MILLER (25 spaces)

Please complete the memorial paver order form with only veterans names. Any fraudulent order form will be denied with no refund.