The Building Inspections Division of the Fire Department is responsible for the application and enforcement of the building code and related ordinances, regulating commercial and residential construction, alterations, and the use of buildings within the city. To schedule an inspection call 651-464-4349. 24-hour advance notice is required for all inspections. Email in applications or photos.
  1. Homeowners
  2. Contractors
Any residential project that involves building a new structure, making an addition to a current structure, or remodeling or repairing a structure requires a permit. From the big projects such as building a new house or deck, to things like fixtures, finishes, and replacements to the exterior, all of the applications you need can be found here.
  1. Nate Moats

    Fire Technician
    Phone: 651-209-9726
    Nate administers the intake of building permit applications and schedules inspections. He is the primary source of information on the building permit application review process and status of pending applications.

  2. Aaron Reid

    Fire Technician
    Phone: 651-209-9751
    Aaron administers the intake of building permit applications and schedules building inspections.

  3. Tim Okan

    Building Inspector II
    Phone: 651-209-9735
    Tim is the primary building inspector. Tim conducts all on-site inspections to ensure compliance with the building code. He consults on-site for specific construction related issues.

  4. Forest Lake Inspections

    Phone: 651-464-4349
    Call to schedule an inspection.  24 hour advance notice is required for all inspections and all inspections must be made through City staff (no voice mail is available on the inspections phone line.)