Administration Department

The Administration Department is responsible for executing City Council action, encouraging development, ensuring positive communications, and maintaining a strong park system.
  1. Aaron Parrish

    City Administrator
    Phone: 651-209-9750
    The City Administrator is responsible for providing leadership on the implementation of City Council Policies and the provision of quality services for the City of Forest Lake.  The City Administrator is the Chief Executive Officer of the City and manages the day to day operation of the city.  In addition, the City Administrator is the chief adviser to the City Council on policy options concerning the organization and activities of the City’s various departments.  Provides guidance on strategic planning, policy research and implementation, human resources, oversight of boards and commissions, and community engagement.

  2. Dan Undem

    Assistant to the City Administrator
    Phone: 651-209-9727
    The Assistant to the City Administrator is responsible for the ongoing communication efforts of the city including press releases, website maintenance, and social media engagement.  In addition, the Assistant to the City Administrator performs policy research, assists the City Administrator in performing policy research, strategic planning, human resources, and city operations.